Simone Alessandrini

Class 1973, he formed at the ISIA Advanced Institute for the Artistic Industries of Florence, in 2004 he worked in New York. His activity of designer covering more roads: he collaborates like free-lance for several companies besides to plan inner in private and public areas.

Maurizio Arena

In Nineties he begins his activity in the field of lighting system, engaged in design and in planning his products, taking an important knowledge in the processing of the glass and the metal. He opened his study in Florence where currently he works designing lamps and objects for numerous companies of relief.

Simona Bartalucci

Class 1970, she was born in Pisa and after the Institute of Art she graduated to the ISIA - Industrial design of Florence. Her projects were exposed to national and international showrooms of design and lighting design and they were rewarded and published on field reviews. Today she collaborates with various companies of lighting system and she teaches graphis design.

Gianna Cinotti + Barbara Nozzoli

Graduated at the faculty of Architecture of Florence, founded separately two studies of Architecture in the field of the private building. Thanks to a competition, they met and began a continuous exchange of ideas on the problems legacies to the planning of inner. So they started to study the domestic atmosphere, with its spaces and its objects.

Vinod Gangotra

Vinod Gangotra was born in Great Britain in 1969 and he post-graduated in industrial design to the University of Northumbria (UK). In the following years he worked for Impact Design and in 1996 he works for Ariete Spa. In 1999 he founded the Gangotra study Design, to Florence, with which he is engaded in various plans, especially in the field of design production, graphic and co-ordinate image.

Vincenzo Missanelli

Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence and Carrara, Missanelli participates to XIV the Internationalen Malerwochen in der Steiermark-Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum in Austria. In 1982 he begins the activity of designer and in 1988 obtains the Prize Italian Design Casaidea of Rome. E' founding associate dell' ADI Tuscany (Association for Industrial Design).

Francesco Sani

Born in 1978, Francesco post-graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence in 2003 and this year he founded a communication, advertising and design agency, the KEY image+marketing. In 2004 he opened his personal office Francesco Sani Architetto. He works as designer free-lance of industrial products, especially in the field of the furnishing and the lighting system, he is engaged in design, architecture and communication.

Mauro Vegliante

From Nineties he is engaged in design and installations from whose performative actions its objects take to life. From 2000 he teaches design, he realizes the activity of designer and art direction with the Arksign study with which company also plans of interior design.